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Home Buyers Beware

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Spring is officially here, and spring is known in the real estate business as the start of the selling season.  According to, since 1999, non-seasonally adjusted existing home sales have increased by an average of 33% between February and March. The sales continue to ramp up during the spring and summer months before trailing off in the fall and winter.

Most prospective owners involved in the process of buying a home understand that some renovations may be necessary but aren’t prepared for hidden moisture and mold damage that can significantly escalate repair costs. Unfortunately, this kind of oversight happens repeatedly during home buying transactions because home inspectors cannot see behind cabinets or walls, so often the sources of trouble are not found until after the sale. This common oversight causes many new owners to make wrongful assumptions during their purchase, potentially costing them significant expenses in unplanned renovations.

When it comes to uncovering hidden mold, your best weapons as you are looking around a house you are considering purchasing are a good sense of smell and a strong flashlight.  If your nose detects the familiar musty aroma of mold, try to see if there is an obvious place where you can see it.  Use your bright flashlight to take a good look under sinks and behind furniture.  If any mold pops up, make sure to bring it to the attention of the home inspector you hire to do your pre-purchase inspection.  If he can find the source of the mold and the current owners can get it fixed, you can save a lot of money on future remediation. If you do purchase a home that comes with a side of mold, feel free to contact us here at SERVPRO of Santa Barbara to fix that for you fast.  We can be reached any time at 805-963-0606